Cello Lessons

The lessons take place Voorburg (close neighborhood of Den Haag Mariahoeve station).  Everyone is welcome, please check out the offer below for types and prices of the lessons:

Child €23

30 minutes


Ages 5-18

Free trial

Adult €35

45 minutes

Weekly or bi-weekly


All levels


30-45 minutes

Flexible arrangements

Parent + Child or

Parent only (child present)


For more information please go to contact form.

Cello lesson at home
Cello lesson at home

“Playing the cello is not only my vocation, it is also my passion. Sharing this passion with others brings me much satisfaction. You will see that gradually mastering the instrument is a lot of fun!” – Paulina

What do I need for a cello lesson

To learn to play the cello you will need to obtain the instrument and accompanying equipment. If you first want to see if playing the cello is for you, then of course you do not need to purchase an instrument for your introductory lesson.

Read more on which essentials you need on: What do I need to play the cello?

Private cello lesson at the conservatory
Private cello lesson at the conservatory