Cello lessons for adults

Never too late to start

If the beautiful sound of the cello enchants you and you have always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument, you are in the right place. I give cello lessons to adults on all levels. Lessons are individually tailored to your own tempo and needs. It is also not a problem if you can’t read music notes. It will be necessary to learn music notation if you want to play the cello, but it’s possible to start without this skill.  

Photo’s from the pupil’s concert

Too busy?

Work, family, and cello lessons? It is possible. Playing the musical instrument might be a way to leave stress behind. Take a moment for yourself and listen to the sound you produce. Let’s focus on the process of learning! Need more time to practice by yourself? There is an option of bi-weekly meetings.

An interesting new hobby

There are many ways you can share the joy of playing the cello with others. For instance, taking part in an amateur ensemble or orchestra. Once a year I organize a concert where all my fantastic cello students meet and enjoy making music together.

Trial  €15

30 minutes

One time

Adult or child

Free trial if you continue

The trial lesson costs €15 on the day of the lesson. If you choose to continue, you will receive a discount of €15 on your subsequent lessons, effectively making the trial lesson free.