Cello lessons for children


Lessons for small children are short and fun. We do lots of imaginary games and move forward in small steps.

Playing any musical instrument is a complex skill. Your little one would have to learn to coordinate the hands, feel the beat, recognize the height of the tones, follow the music notation with their eyes. It is a fascinating long process, full of little discoveries.

Imaginary games like: Climb up the cello bow as a monkey! help to wake up the senses.

Children need a lot of repetition, but the lessons should not be too long. 30 minutes is a maximum length for young pupils to be able to concentrate.

My task as a cello teacher – and yours as a parent – is to encourage your kid to learn. Musical lesson should remain pleasant. As soon as we start pushing, there is a danger that the child will lose interest and the inner desire to learn how to play.

Age and Size

Children from 5 years old are welcome. During the free trial lesson, I will show my cello, its sound and the way it’s played.

Full-size and 1/8 cello’s compared (photo credit: Just plain Bill/Wikimedia)

The full-size cello is a big instrument but luckily there are several smaller sizes available. The smallest cello is only 38 cm long! To determine the size of the cello I advise this table.

See instrument shops where you can rent a good quality instrument from only 16€ a month.

Trial  €15

30 minutes

One time

Adult or child

Free trial if you continue

The trial lesson costs €15 on the day of the lesson. If you choose to continue, you will receive a discount of €15 on your subsequent lessons, effectively making the trial lesson free.