Family cello lessons

Parent + kid cello lesson

This is a proposition for parents and children who both want to learn the cello. It gives a very special experience of learning something new together with your kid. You get the possibility of creating a cello duo, which makes the lesson a lot of fun!

I arrange the meeting depending on your preference, in the form of a group or separate lessons (one after another).

Daughter having lesson after her mum, while the toddler is ….around

Parent + baby cello lesson

Child friendly cello classes for parents. These private cello lessons are unique because you can bring your child along, so there is no need to arrange childcare. It is suitable for those mums and dads who like music and would like to get acquainted with the cello and its beautiful warm sound. Or for those who already can play and would like to continue during their maternity leave, for example.

Parent + baby cello lessons are addressed for parents of small children (up to 4 years old). There is a calm atmosphere and brakes when needed. I plan extra 15 min time for the lesson to make it more comfortable and to make sure you have worthwhile time on the cello. Scheduling is also flexible with the possibility of free cancellation 24 hours before.

Trial  €15

30 minutes

One time

Adult or child

Free trial if you continue

The trial lesson costs €15 on the day of the lesson. If you choose to continue, you will receive a discount of €15 on your subsequent lessons, effectively making the trial lesson free.