The Joy of Learning to Play a Musical Instrument

Always wanted to learn a musical instrument?  You are at the right place!

Never too old

old man and boy learning google images

You can start learning to play a musical instrument at any age. Children and adults learn in different ways, there are separate learning methods which are tailored to the age.

Reading music notes

Music notes by /Casper
Music notes by /Casper

You don’t necessarily need to know musical notation. You will learn it step-by-step while getting to know the instrument.

Everyone is musical


Whether you consider yourself musical or not, you should know that all of us are. In fact, the neural pathways in the brain that language uses are first laid down by rhythm and musicality.

Increased concentration and coordination

home work routine by wwworks
Home work routine by woodleywonderworks

Playing a musical instrument is a valuable skill. Both children and adults can boost their ability to concentrate as well as increase their motoric coordination.

Be a proud parent


Your child will have a lot of fun playing an instrument and you will be proud watching your kid performing Happy Birthday or a Christmas carol during a family gathering.

Bring satisfaction

The McKim Family by Andrea Rose

Playing musical instrument has many benefits and can bring joy to you and everyone around you. Relax from your daily routine and stress. Share your passion with others.

Don’t hesitate and give it a try!


You will see what great satisfaction the first melody you play will give you. Find out more about me, or contact me for more information.