Where to find a cello

There are several ways to go about getting a musical instrument. If you’re not certain about whether you or your child really wants to play, maybe renting one is the answer. It’s an alternative to buying one and is a great way to get acquainted with the instrument without spending too much right away. Keep in mind the different sizes for different ages.

Buying a cello

You can buy a cello in a shop with musical instruments, but there are also violin makers who can make one for you. As your cello teacher, I can assist you in making the right choice. It is necessary to try the instrument beforehand, so that you can hear the sound and feel if it is comfortable to play. If you plan to buy one online, make sure to check the return policy. Of course, you can also buy a second-hand cello from Marktplaats or Tweedehands.net.

Renting a cello

I would recommend you to rent the instrument from a local violin maker. These instruments are of good quality and are individually checked and prepared by them. There are many violin makers in Den Haag, below you can find their addresses and links to the websites of those who provide instrument rental. Usually the instrument you rent will come with a bow and a cello case.

Katharina Meierott
Laan van Meerdervoort 232A
2563 AH Den Haag

Boomsma & Koizumi V.O.F.
Cantaloupenburg 32
2514 KM Den Haag

Van Weede van Dijkveldstraat 93
2582 KT Den Haag

Willem Bouman & Zn.
Herenstraat 12 B
2511 EA Den Haag

Tomoko Koizumi
Maliestraat 13 B
2514 CA Den Haag